Add Realistic Spotting Ranges

PG/AG give one spotting range for both air and ground spotting but PG/AG are primarily a ground war so ground spotting should trump air spotting.

Most pilots are "watching their six" (back) or looking for "the Hun in the Sun" and not trying to count bayonets on the ground.

Those of you who downloaded the Thanksgiving beta efile might have noticed the plane spotting=0 or 1.

Possible Air Units' Spotting Ranges:
  • 0=strategic bombers
  • 1=most planes
  • 3=high-altitude/strategic recon
  • 5=low-altitude/tactical recon
I considered giving tank busters like Hs129 spotting=2 but I do not want to make them powerful air recon, as the tank busters might be more likely to be on the receiving end of recon, going where recon told them rather than telling ground commanders what they're shooting.

Navy observation planes are important for amphibious or coastal battles like Operation Torch.

Low-Altitude/Tactical Recon
  • German Fi156 Storch
  • German Fw189 Flying Eye
  • Soviet Po-2 (U-2)
  • Soviet R-5
  • Soviet R-Z
  • British Lysander
  • British Walrus
  • US L-4 Grasshopper
  • US OS2U Kingfisher
High-Altitude/Strategic Recon
  • German He70F Blitz
  • German Ju86P-2
  • German Do215B
  • German Fw200 Condor
  • German Bv138
  • British Blenheim
  • British PR Spitfire
  • British PR Mosquito
  • US F4/F-5 Lightning
There is a question about turn-around time of photo recon but there is a game reason to provide long-range recon that can recon rear areas farther from friendly airfields and you can assume within the limits of the game that the flights were done earlier.

Possible Non-Recon Ground Units' Spotting Ranges:
  • 0=Soviet penal battalion
  • 1=Closed-top tanks/SP, low-quality infantry, rear-area units, transports
  • 2=Open-top vehicles, regular infantry, front-line towed guns/artillery (range=1 mortar)
  • 3=Special infantry (cavalry, rangers, partisans)
Possible Recon Ground Units' Spotting Ranges:
  • 2=Tank (T-60, M24)
  • 3=Closed-top armored car (BA-64, Puma)
  • 4=Other (Dingo, jeep, cavalry scout)