Realistic Bases, Builds, Spawn Sites

Make reinforcements/bases/builds/spawn sites more realistic by controlling when and where players can build (especially paratroopers taking a town in enemy rear and suddenly manufacturing heavy tanks there).

Ideas (not sure how many are possible with current editors):
  • Use strategic-bomber effect to make towns owned by nobody at game start (requires infantry capture, tanks/recon/AT do not work). Players probably have higher priorities for their units but at least "capturing" your own town to build there requires an allocation of resources (the diverted unit worth X points and the time in turns), simulating the "purchase" of a new build site. Less city ownership also increases the need for recon.
  • Use a minor country for ownership of most towns (assign most French towns as "Vichy," "Rumania," "Finland," "Norway," or anything else) and remove all the minor country's units from its purchase screen by adjusting the availability dates.
  • Use "partisan nation" for ownership (you can delete all units from the purchase screen if you want to prevent partisan purchases but allowing partisan purchases would force garrisoning and prevent excess build sites for the industrial weapons).
  • Make only ports buildable and label bases like Moscow as a "port," or make major and minor victory hexes with only major victory hexes as buildable.
  • Use other terrain (hedgerow?) as non-buildable "town" (note movement effect and infantry/armor effect).
  • Increase the time delay before a newly captured town is buildable (AG is a 1-turn delay) to 5, 10, or 20 turns.
  • Allow new build sites only by spending prestige to make a hex into a "supply depot" (build/spawn site).