Add All-Terrain Truck Transport

Show the important military difference in trucks by adding all-terrain trucks to organic transport.

I generally treat unpowered axles (4x2, 6x4) and heavy trucks with only 4 wheels (4x4 3-ton) as "wheeled" and other all-powered axles (4x4 light/medium, 6x6) as "all-terrain."

  • German Opel 6700 Blitz
  • British Bedford QLT Trooper ("Drooper")
  • Soviet GAZ AAA
  • Italian Fiat CL

  • German Krupp Protze
  • British CMP (Canadian Military Pattern)
  • Soviet "Studer" (Lend Lease US military trucks)
  • US Deuce and a Half
I consider hp and hp/ton in speed.

The LRDG recon unit can be all-terrain even though the LRDG used some CMP 4x2 because the North American trucks were among the best and the LRDG trained carefully in unditching techniques.

Transports should be restricted so that the Morris Quad is used for artillery but not infantry, the Universal (Bren) Carrier is used for the 3inch mortar but not rifle infantry, etc.

Add glider-landed transport to airborne guns.


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