K.u.k. General v2.0 WWI Campaign

K.u.k. General v2.0 WWI Austro-Hungarian Campaign for Panzer General DOS is available for download.

K.u.k. features innovative balloon recon and mountain-troop movement and impressive icons including animation.

Designer McGuba graciously thanked Allied General Workshop (AGW) in the credits for mountain-troop and surfaced-submarine suggestions (discussed in this blog and at JP's):

Thank you, McGuba.


Anonymous General Stats said...

Hi, it's been a some months since I've written. I looked at this WW1 campaign. It looks good but I'm not set up to run DOS PG on my XP. I'm mostly working on a Win AG based game. How can I get in contact w/you? A private email, etc? I didn't see a way through AGW. Regards, GS

Blogger General SNAFU said...

Hello. You can send a private message to me through JP's forum. Thank you.