Elite Experience/Reinforcement $

General Stats suggested that experience of more than 3 stars (399 points) is unrealistic and, although I do not see the need to ban 4-5 stars, I agree that excessive stars are unrealistically easy to maintain.

Elite Replacements cost 4x regular (non-elite, green) replacements, which is a reasonable penalty to maintain 1 star but far too cheap to maintain 5-star super soldiers.

4-5 stars should cost 6x or perhaps someone could rig the following fine-tuning of elite cost:

Cost = Experience Points of Unit (Number of Stars)
1x = 0
2x = 1-99
3x = 100-199 (*)
4x = 200-299 (**)
5x = 300-399 (***)
6x = 400-499 (****)
7x = 500-599 (*****)

Another potential modification is to pay extra to buy new units that already have experience (using prestige/influence to steal veterans from other generals) but I do not consider that ability important to the game.