PG Win Poland in 3 Turns

You can win the Panzer General Poland scenario in 3 turns (not guaranteed every time because 1 bad "die roll" can ruin the timetable).

Settings= Panzer General Windows (PG-Win), "hard" AI, normal experience/prestige.

Strategy= Minimum (original forces)= Used 2 units for Kutno (2 8MP), 3 units for Lodz (1 8MP, 1 6MP, 1 3MP), and the only job of the rest of the army is to bludgeon open the road at Kalisz. Maximum= Built 3 units (3 8MP--can build up to 4 8MP units on Turn 1--see below).

  • Sent 2 motorized infantry to Kutno as far along the north road as possible on Turn 1 despite adjacency to Polish cavalry because that it is the only way to occupy Kutno on Turn 3.
  • Sent the PzIID to Lodz because its 6MP can attack the cavalry that is in rough terrain next to Lodz on Turn 2. The rest of Lodz task force was the motorized 75mm artillery, a leg infantry, and a purchased unit in reserve (see below).
  • Optional: Built an 8MP unit northeast of Breslau because it is the only way to occupy Lodz on Turn 3 if the PzIID is unable from needing to finish clearing the area, plus built 2 more 8MP units ( built 3 SdKfz 222 armored cars--motorized anti-tank guns or motorized infantry might work too--have enough prestige points and core slots to build 4 8MP units). It might be possible to win on Turn 3 without any builds but these reinforcements/reserves add insurance against bad die rolls.
Turn 1= The armored car northwest of Breslau should have been north of Breslau. The map below shows after the Allied move (end of Turn 1), where the Polish artillery attacked the leg infantry and the Polish cavalry attacked a motorized infantry but then retreated northward. The cavalry's victim only needs 1 strength point to do its job of occupying Kutno.

Turn 2= The armored car next to Kalisz was needed this time to finish opening the road to Kutno. The Polish cavalry at Lodz retreated after being attacked by the PzIID. Lodz and Kutno now each have a single infantry unit in striking distance.

Turn 3= An armored car spotted for Kutno and the 75mm artillery helped for Lodz, then each infantry attacked its town and ejected the enemy, allowing an armored car to race into Lodz and a motorized infantry to race into Kutno on Turn 3.

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