Add Glider Guns, Special Ops

Add Airborne troops' heavier equipment that they parachute-dropped or glider-landed.

German Fallschirmjager (FJ):
British Air-Landing (AL):
  • 3inch mortar
  • 20mm Polsten AD
  • 2 pdr
  • 6 pdr
  • Jeep recon
  • Tetrarch tank
  • M22 Locust tank
US Glider Infantry (GI):
  • 81mm mortar
  • M3A1 37mm
  • M1A1 57mm
  • 75mm pack howitzer
  • M3 light 105mm howitzer
  • Jeep recon
Show airborne's glider-landed gun towers by giving the guns about half the transports' normal movement to account for limbering and unlimbering time:
  • German kettenrad for 1941 Crete invasion
  • British/US jeeps for 1944 Normandy invasion
You usually cannot buy sea transport so you can use paradrops to simulate even seaborne commando raids such as Operations Frankton ("Cockleshell Heroes"), Chariot (St Nazaire raid), Agreement (Tobruk), and the Bruneville and Norway raids with small commando units that have high naval attack and spotting=3:
  • British/French/Polish Commando troop
  • German Skorzeny unit
  • US UDT (Underwater Demolition Team, pre-SEAL)?
The allies also dropped special agents or small teams who, unlike the typical German agent in Britain, tried to multiply their strength by organizing or fomenting local resistance, which you can represent by the following airborne units:
  • Soviet Partisan Detachment, army team dropped to provide cadre of partisan unit
  • Infiltrators, NKVD, MIR/SOE, OSS (pre-CIA), dropped to foment espionage and generally disrupt German control