Open General Tile Maps

Here are custom tile sheets for the tile maps in Open General (OpenGen, OG). Procedure is to save a backup copy of the original and rename any of these as hex_text.PNG in OG\OPENGUI. Press the L keyboard button during a scenario to toggle the OG tile map (which it calls "terrain markers").

OG has a display bug with road hexes, at least on my system. Look at a map or area of a map without roads (Greece is also interesting).

The second sheet is from McGuba's PG1-PGF set with colors modified by me.

I probably will update this post with more information later.

Screenshots: OG Road Bug (mask transparency color not transparent)
  • Default - St. Lo
  • AGW solid hex - Thermopylae
  • AGW PG1 McGuba - Zitadelle


Blogger Arthur said...


I have just found your blog while googling "hex tile terrain pg".

Cut a long story short I am reviving my war game interest and looking for decent map making materials and resources.

I have a googlesite at https://sites.google.com/site/militaryhistoryandgames/ to give you some background.

Is it possible for me to bug you at some stage about map making and the possibility of using AG/PG as campaign managers?


Blogger AGW said...

Hello. Maps are not my specialty. You might check-

Map autotiler and tile maker by xlightwavex
FPGE map editor/converter by Fred and wino (and campaign tree by wino)
Global PGX by jcrouch
PGF by Rudankort
PzC by Rudankort
OpenGen by lguzman