Dial-a-Scale True Range Efiles

"Dial a Scale" by using efiles with "true" range in yards or meters and applying a multiplier to match an efile to a map scale.

"True" range might be effective range but it would be in yards or meters (or thousands of meters, 1km=1).

An efile 105mm howitzer might have a range of 12,325 meters (or rounded to 12) and you could use that efile's 105mm as 1-hex range on a large map, 3-hex range on a medium map, or 6-hex range on a small map.

A game with this "dial a scale" feature would allow not only the use of a favorite efile in a campaign of certain scale but could enable your core within a campaign to operate in scenarios of different map scale (dispersed for desert battle or concentrated for urban warfare) with properly adjusted weapons ranges.

You could use "true speed" in the same way. Movement is not as important to scale because movement can be a velocity and you could assume that time per turn adjusted according to movement at that map scale.

Update 1/22/11

Pacific General (PacGen) changed battleship range and maybe spotting range in the Guadalcanal scenario.