Realistic PG/AG Battalions?

Who Wants Realistic PG/AG Battalions?

If I attempted realistic battalions for PG/AG, I would be deleting units from the standard SSI efile instead of adding units.

A realistic battalion efile would have only maybe 10-20 units per country at any given time.
  • The best German armored car in PG (SdKfz 233) was only a platoon in real life.
  • The best Britsh D-Day tank in PG (Firefly) was only a single tank within a platoon in real life.
If you want realistic battalions:
  • Delete the German Tiger I unit at least before mid-1943. Early schwere panzer abteilungs were a mix of Tiger I and PzIII tanks. Later abteilungs were a mix of Tiger I and Tiger II tanks. The abteilungs were about half the size of a US tank battalion, so maybe at battalion scale a "Tiger" unit should be weaker than a "Sherman" unit.
  • Delete the German 88mm FlaK units. German FlaK battalions were mixes of large and small guns. Within a battalion, even the heavy battery was a mix of 88mm and 20mm guns.
  • Delete the British Firefly unit. The Firefly was typically only one tank per platoon among mostly 75mm-gun Shermans.
  • Delete the US Stuart tank units after 1943. Delete the M24 Chaffee. The revised US armored division disbanded the light tank battalion and dispersed light tanks to recon ("cavalry") battalions and the former Sherman battalions.
  • Delete the US Sherman tank units after 1943. The revised armor battalion was a mix of light and medium tanks. The new organization did not have light tank battalions or medium tank battalions, it had only tank battalions.
  • Delete most recon units (Puma, Greyhound, etc.). Recon battalions usually were mixes of various types. A US recon ("cavalry") battalion consisted of jeeps, White Scout Cars or M8 Greyhounds, M5 Stuarts or M24 Chaffees, and M8 Howitzer Motor Carriages (HMC).
  • Delete most anti-tank (AT) units (PaK40s, Marders, StuGs, Achilles, etc.). US 37mm and 57mm guns were in infantry battalions. British and German AT battalions consisted of mixes of towed and self-propelled (SP) guns. Common British and German AT battalions were neither fully towed nor fully SP.
Do we average PaK40 1MP and StuG 5MP to get 3MP?

Can a battalion with both towed guns and StuGs have organic transport?

Realistic battalions would look something like this:
  • "German Recon Battalion 1943" (mix of many vehicles of varying firepower, armor, and speed)
  • "German Recon Battalion 1944" (change by 1 point for a company of Pumas, unit is unpurchaseable due to rarity of Puma)
  • "US Tank Battalion Early 1944" (mix of Stuarts and Shermans)
  • "US Tank Battalion Late 1944" (change by 1 point for some 76mm-gun Shermans)
The biggest PG/AG irony is that its most unrealistic element (tactical vehicles on an operational scale) makes it a successful game.

I accept specific vehicles as individual units as part of PG/AG's essential personality.

Given that major concession, I try to craft the combined-arms interaction of those vehicles realistically enough.