AGW Efile for PGF

AGW Efile Available for PGF

The current Allied General Workshop (AGW) efile of 1,600 units includes 31 Bf109s (like a Baskin Robbins of Messerschmitts, and I have not even gotten to the Gustavs yet), 40 different 6pdr ATG/SPAT, Bulgarian engineers, tankettes, Lees, Vultees, 251/10s, ZiS-30s, Loire-Nieuport LN.401s, panje carts, and units with new mountain or amphibious movements.

Here are some explanations of the Allied General Workshop (AGW) efile available for download now (see AGW downloads link at right) for use in PG Forever (PGF).
  • SSI confused the sIG33 150mm infantry gun with the completely different Hummel 150mm gun (treating them the same) so the AGW efile corrected this big mistake that completely misrepresents the German artillery system by setting the sIG to range RA=1 (and adding many more infantry guns for Germany and other nations).
  • SSI gave heavy armor ratings to some light-tank-chassis vehicles (#78 sIG 38(t)M, #195 GB M5 Stuart, #410 FPO M5 Stuart) where the Stuart had Churchill armor so the AGW efile corrected these and other serious efile bugs (Fw190 date).
  • SSI doubled the efile anti-air defense (compared to otherwise similar units) of a few AA/AD units but not others so the AGW efile corrected this inconsistency among AA/AD by giving double air defense to all AA/AD units.
  • SSI AD IN was inconsistent with the German 88mm AD IN=11 but US 90mm AD IN=2 so the AGW efile corrected the inconsistency by increasing most AD IN (Soviet 25mm IN=7, Italian 90mm IN=11).
  • SSI AA are (1) self propelled (it is is difficult to chase planes if AA is 1MP) and (2) small caliber (range is in same hex) but 20mm is inconsistent with same-hex AA range and 2-hex AD range so the AGW efile corrected the inconsistency by using (1) AA class for SP 0-20mm but 2-3MP for light-weight "towed" 0-20mm AD and (2) AD 1-hex range for 0-40mm but a quad 20mm has more firepower in its one hex than a longer-range 75mm.
  • Infantry should be one of the most persistent unit types so the AGW efile increased infantry defense factors, increased certain infantry HA (Italian/Hungarian 20mm ATR), and added infantry class to some ATG, all of which should lessen tank charges into cities.
  • The AGW efile also increased ammunition for the standard infantry unit to reflect its staying power in the line while special units which often lacked support weapons and/or were smaller in size tend to have less ammunition to reflect a lack of staying power.
  • The AGW efile currently uses 40/43 Heavy Weapons (HW) infantry as RA=0-1 MG/mortar artillery class but I would like to try them as infantry class that can fire-after-move with support fire if Rudankort can add those options.
  • The AGW efile efile generally reduces direct cannon fire but increases MG for SA (generally reducing SA for MG-deficient recon/TD) to show the difference between tanks vs. infantry and pseudo-tank recon/TD vs. infantry.
  • There is a tendency in PG/AG to use combat aircraft as recon and recon as tanks. The AGW efile tries to undo this by reducing most plane/tank units' spotting, reducing spotting of heavy recon pseudo-tanks that were more of a backup rather than the primary recon, and adding much more light, soft, or infantry-based recon with nominal firepower (SA=1).
  • The AGW efile gives some AT small supplies of powerful HVAP/PzGr40 ammunition so they will reserve fire for important targets.
  • The AGW efile adds ATGs that were within infantry regiments as infantry class with no AT penalty, with better entrenchment rate, and with close-defense bonus in cities and woods.
  • The AGW efile classifies US TDs with special recon/aggressiveness doctrine as "tank" class with no AT penalty to show doctrinal differences where a US M10 behaves differently than a British M10.
  • The AGW efile gives light towed/leg ATG/AD more mobility. French 25mm, German 37mm, and other light ATG have 2MP. Soviet 25mm AD has 2MP. French 13.2mm AD has 3MP. Soviet PTRD ATR has infantry bonus and 3MP.
  • The AGW efile greatly increases the variety and distinctiveness of different types of artillery. Artillery towed/leg movement expanded to 0-3 (instead of only 1), range expanded to 0-7 (instead of 2-3), and class expanded to add long-term suppression (based on barrage weight) but no support fire for rockets and ignore-entrenchment but no support fire for some heavy artillery.