Desant Troops: Transport Types

Add transport types and possibly allow transports to stay on map as separate units (like PacG aircraft carriers).

Assign Certain Transports to Certain Units Only

The Bren carrier should not tow corps artillery at all but PG allowed anything that could tow a 37mm to tow an 8in gun. Another important factor is that even some small guns could be towed only at cart speed because of the gun carriage. Maybe the PGF organic transport efile column could be changed from binary to numbers for certain transport types (if organic transport=8, then this unit can be towed only by transport type #8) and then transports can use the same column to identify themselves (if class=15 and organic transport=8, then this unit is transport type #8).

  • 7=heavy horse
  • 8=heavy motorized
You can keep 0=no transport and 1=all transport so the default efile works as normal.

PG Lacks Mechanized Fire-Support from Transport and Lacks Tank-Riding "Desant" Troops

PG is weird that, after dismount, the fleet of half-tracks disappear and do not give fire-support to the soft-target infantry who entrench and fight close-defense unencumbered by the fleet of half-tracks until the half-tracks suddenly materialize again when needed.

Soviets used desant instead of half-tracks for cross-country infantry so it is an important aspect of the Ostfront that is missing from PG.

PacG Aircraft Carriers for Ground Transport

PacG aircraft carriers load, transport, and unload planes with both the carrier transport unit and the transported plane unit staying on the map after unload.

PacG fighter CAP sticks to the carrier and moves with the carrier.

These existing "General series" rules could apply to desant troops or all transport units. The rules would not confuse players any more than PacG carrier rules.