PG v. AG Berlin (W) Scenario

Two versions of the same scenario:

PG’s “Berlin (West)” and AG’s “Germany

Both PG and AG like to give the player(s) wonder weapons and both tilt in favor of the Germans. However, AG is the more realistic by providing “only” 2-3 jets (21 points in 3 units) and 1 King Tiger while providing some workhorse units like the Marder IIIM improvised tank destroyer (TD), some towed PaK 40 anti-tank (AT) guns, and as a nice touch a Pz IIIN in its swan-song fire-support role. PG provides more wonder weapons to both sides but is even more of a German fantasy with 6 jets and 3 King Tigers contributing to the false impression that 67% of Luftwaffe planes were jets and 93% of the panzers had Panther/Tiger-type guns.

Against the Allied AI, both versions are easy to win as the German commander and share the same solution but the PG version was particularly easy.* In the PG version, I eliminated all but 4 Allied units and took every objective (VH) plus every non-VH town/airfield on the map to win on Turn 8 of 13 with 2,297 prestige points after game’s end (the mud slowed me down for a few turns). I played with the following self-imposed restrictions:

  • I never used the Luftwaffe (left them in starting hex, never fired them on my turn)
  • I never used any of the Berlin units (some nice elite units there though)
  • I only bought armored cars, never anything else
  • I forfeited my first turn (so finishing on Turn 8 means that I only moved for 7 turns)
The strategic map doesn't show the capture of all the towns and airfields (Metz, Liege, etc.) except by the highlighted areas to indicate a player's spotting range. In the north are a depleted Pershing, Firefly, and Sexton (Allied units are yellow stars). In the south is a Pershing trapped in the river:

I lost a Tiger I in the north and a Panther in the south due to aggressive use. I could have reduced my losses if I had allowed myself to buy artillery with the 1,000 prestige points that I averaged each turn--and I probably could have won sooner if on the first turn I disbanded the Berlin units to build on the frontline (click the image for an easier read; the Allies lost 9 tanks and 9 artillery but the "9" looks a lot like a "0"):

This was the first time I played the PG version so PG vets might have a better scorecard.

Post your game results in the Comments.

* Hard setting, normal experience/prestige, hidden units, supply, weather—this is my default setting unless noted otherwise.

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Anonymous EF Stats said...

Ahh, the joy of having your car in the shop 'til Monday - chores around the apt & on the pc ! Yes, PG Berlin(W) is a semi-fantasy speculative scen where the SU was defeated/dropped out, leaving Ger to face WA. In such an alternate history they just might thave had a higher % of Panther/Tigers and jets air, but SSI took it to an extreme. Re AI - even by mid 90s standards the AI for P/AG is poor.
There were other tactical-strategy games of that vintage & complexity that had better AI. Soon, serious players started handicapping the game, then using utilities to alter ahistorical OoB, house rules, etc.
AG has a more "realistic" OoB.
To me most human vs AI solutions are gimmicky. You have to play online vs another human or solataire. With solataire play you lose (you're playing both sides)
short term surprise, except for the occaisonal RD, but there are plenty of mid term surprises as the play unfolds.
IMHO the entire engine needs to be
undated. Soon I will be going over
to TOAW v3 - much better AI, good
built in editor.

Anonymous General SNAFU said...

Yes, and a scenario designer must decide to optimize for human or AI opponent. Rather than cracking the AG engine, it might be easier for a guru to write a new program that emulates AG and maybe references some of the same files.

Anonymous EF Stats said...

Agree w/first comment.

Some IT war gamer with a fondness for the ol' gal could come up with a good AG emulation. But while it would be mostly a labor of love
(lots of work), most would want to
receive some economic return for
their efforts. Not enough to
justify their time, but something
beyond hobby satisfaction. Most
people aren't exactly loaded with