Changes for AG

Here are some of the goals that I have in mind for a new equipment file:

  • Fix or improve individual units
  • Re-calibrate characteristics for groups of units
  • Add new units or unit types for interest (this might require an "early war" file and another "late war" file because of limited slots in the file)
. . . and most important of all:
  • If the new file creates a new set of unit interactions and undoes some patented solutions to scenarios (Unit X can't reach Hex Y on Turn 1 anymore), I consider this a good thing because it will be like providing the veteran players with a whole new campaign to solve


Anonymous EF Stats said...

For years I have used 3 efiles: for
1939-1942:Q1, 1942:Q2-1943:Q1, and
1943:Q2-1945. Early, middle, late
efiles. I may have already
mentioned this but we badly need a
NUPL utility for WinPG/AG.
There has been one for DOS PG for
some time.

Anonymous General SNAFU said...

Yes, I do not mind multiple efiles for my own use but the NUPL straightjacket limits "mass-market" improvements.