Is Allied General Unbalanced?

Allied General (AG) is unbalanced most in favor of the US and most against the Soviets, as far as the Allies go (the Brits are in the middle). Against a human opponent, AG might be unbalanced in favor of the Germans, particularly with often fanciful panzer and Luftwaffe strength. Against the computer's Artificial Intelligence (AI) opponent, AG is unbalanced in favor of the Allies. It is easy for an experienced player to win most scenarios. The replayability comes from self-imposed challenges:
  • Win a Major Victory, not merely a Minor Victory
  • Win in the lowest number of turns possible
  • Win without losing a single unit
  • Win without buying a single reinforcement
  • Win without using elite replacements
  • Win without using ahistorical or unrealistic units/unit combinations
Sometimes I would take every Axis town and airfield even though they were not objectives, destroy every fortification and strongpoint no matter how out of the way (Le Havre in AG's Overlord), and destroy every single enemy unit except one (because eliminating the last enemy unit ends the scenario) before I marched into the last objective hex.