HE and Radios for the Red Army

The best excuse for PG/AG's lack of light Soviet artillery is that the lighter guns often direct-fired because much Soviet artillery lacked radios and effective forward control but this does not justify the gaping hole in the Soviet Order of Battle (OB).

The Soviets' important early lack of radios can be simulated in a few ways. For artillery, even though the 76mm field gun could outrange the German 105mm howitzer, early Soviet light and medium artillery might have a 1-hex range until radios and even wired field telephones became more common, when the 76 might get a 2- or even 3-hex range. Soviet aircraft and tanks might have a lower initiative without radios to coordinate vehicles' actions within the units. The later, increased availability of radios might be represented by automatic upgrades to unit data, by assuming that later models that become available to purchase have sufficient radios as standard equipment, and/or by allowing the player to spend extra prestige and influence to organize (buy) an earlier but costlier "76mm Radio" or "BT-5 Radio" unit.

I am also trying to understand why PG/AG treats so many Soviet direct-fire guns like a 2 Pounder when the 76mm field gun and the BT's 45mm had high-explosive (HE) shells.

Update 9/07/06

I will assume a 45mm gun Soft Attack of 3 (instead of 1) unless I find contrary data.