Add Spice to "Desert" Scenarios

Fix North African Weather

Contrary to AG's notion that, "It never rains or snows in North Africa" (p. 21), troops slogged through the mud of Northwest Africa's rainy winter:

Ah, "Venice"--a flooded American camp in 1943 Tunisia (1stfighter.org):

Even in the desert, AG's "rain" can indicate the spectacular sand storms that grounded aircraft and "mud" can indicate disappeared tracks and the sand-clogged air filters that immobilized vehicles.
General Erwin Rommel squeezed the remnants of his Afrika Korps out of a tight spot last week. After waiting desperately for reinforcements to support his stand at Agedábia, Rommel, under cover of a sand storm, beat a successful 100-mile retreat to el-Aghéila, southwest of Agedábia—closer to his own base and source of reinforcements. The storm was so bad that British mobile units could not keep up with him.
"Out of a Sand Trap" Jan. 19, 1942 Time Magazine
A wall of flying sand obliterates the Saharan sun (tropix.co.uk):

Do you know where your Matildas are?

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